Media Servers

Olive 03HD Music Server


On The Bench

The Olive 03HD was measured using 16/44.1 test tones recorded at -5 db using SpectraPlus. Higher sampling frequencies and bitrates were not used at SpectraPlus doesn't support those in Windows 7 currently.

On the 1 kHz test tone, the Olive shows very nice results; with 0.002% THD+N and a noise floor over 100 db below the test tone.

Results are similar with the 10 kHz test tone, with just a hair more distortion, but once again a very low noise floor.

The 19-20 kHz IMD test shows no visible B-A peak at 1 kHz.

Finally, the 60 Hz, 7 kHz IMD test has a very nice result of 0.0011% IMD and no sideband peaks.

The Olive 03HD shows very strong results on the bench with just slightly better performance than the Squeezebox Touch displayed.