Integrated Amplifiers

PrimaLuna DiaLogue Two Stereo Integrated Tube Amplifier



Connecting the DiaLogue Two was a snap, it's an integrated amp after all. One less set of interconnects to buy or worry about. The 5 way speaker posts are pleasingly hefty and sturdy. Each channel has a 4 Ohm and 8 Ohm option.

For review purposes I didn't need a permanent home for this 85 lb beast but if you do consider that you'll want a sturdy shelf and you'll probably want it up high enough that you can easily reach the controls.

For Home Theater use the DiaLogue Two has a two channel home theater input that completely bypasses the preamp section, allowing you to use the PrimaLuna's amplifier section for your L and R front speakers. I didn't try this mode with movies though I'm sure it's fine, most of the sound is coming from the center channel, even for heavy surround mixes. You might also consider watching movies in stereo mode, I'm not overly concerned with hearing things behind me or not so I usually prefer the straightforward two channel mix.