Integrated Amplifiers

Pass Labs INT-30A Integrated Stereo Amplifier



The one thing I kept thinking of as I listened to the INT-30A is, "This component is about how music makes you feel." I have heard a lot of electronics and many different speakers and though I have high regard for most of them, none made me feel quite like this one. As an instrumental performer, I have a great appreciation for the individual sound quality of different examples of the same instrument. Not every bassoon (or bassoonist for that matter) sounds the same. I believe this is what attracts people to high-end audio. While electronics like this are very accurate, they also impart something to the listener that is not easily defined. I just loved the way the INT-30A made me feel when I heard it.

Despite its power rating of 30 watts per channel, it never sounded strained. The loudest dynamics were produced with all the clarity of the softest. With its purist approach to signal reproduction, you will want the best possible room to use it in. A poorly treated space will reduce the INT-30A's true potential. And I can say without a doubt, my Axiom M60s have never sounded better. In fact, this integrated amp elevated the quality of all the components in my system. I did appreciate the loan of my friend's Marantz SACD player. I do recommend a quality analog source if you want to realize full potential.

I started this article by saying I was a multi-channel guy. My horizons have now been greatly expanded. The feel of great two-channel is something that should be experienced by every music enthusiast. While I won't be giving up my home theater separates any time soon, the idea of a dedicated two-channel system has suddenly become very attractive. Though I can't afford the INT-30A, it has officially gone on my list of components to aspire to. It receives my highest recommendation.