Integrated Amplifiers

Naim Supernait 2 Integrated Amplifier


Design and Setup of the Naim Supernait 2 Integrated Amplifier

The Nait was very successful over the years. Naim regularly updated it and eventually expanded the Nait line to three models. Coinciding with its 40th anniversary, Naim released redesigns of all three models late last year. The current line up includes the Nait 5si (60 WPC / $1800), Nait XS 2 (70 WPC / $2900), and the reference-level Supernait 2 (80 WPC / $4900).

Compared to their predecessors, all three models feature upgraded components and revised electronic designs. One of the biggest changes from the prior version is found in the Supernait 2. Naim decided to forego the Supernait's internal DAC and, for the first time in one of its integrated amplifiers, Naim has implemented its Discrete Regulator (DR) technology in the power supply.

Because Naim is a big advocate of reducing noise as much as possible (crazy-obsessed), both the XS-2 and Supernait 2's preamplifier sections can be upgraded by adding one of several optional power supplies. Additionally, those two models can accommodate a subwoofer via stereo RCA. The 5si, as the entry-level model and direct descendent of the original Nait, keeps things more simple. All three Naits feature headphone outputs (Class-A in the Supernait 2 and XS-2), full remote control, and both DIN and RCA analog inputs.

My own romance with Naim began around 2010. I picked up the Nait XS-2 (then 60 WPC) and simply put, I had never heard a more captivating amplifier. After hundreds of hours of music, movies, and video games, I have come to adore what I can only describe as its jubilant musicality. It does this rhythm thing you may have heard about (PRAT). After a while, I added a Flatcap 2X power supply and, while often invisible, gains in clarity and precision were noticeable after pairing the Nait with the Focal Micro Utopia BE. I was happily hooked, but mindful of my civic duty in a consumerist society, I rang up Naim's distributor (The Sound Organization) to get my Black Friday on for the Supernait 2 soon after it was announced.