Integrated Amplifiers

Naim Audio, SUPERNAIT Integrated Stereo Amplifier with DAC



The SUPERNAIT (and now the Uniti) show Naim is a thoroughly modern company making an integrated amplifier that fills the needs of an ever increasing group of digital only systems, and music server sources. Throw in the flexibility of a home theater pass-through, so you don't need to compromise on music performance from your HT (and negate the need and cost of two systems), and you have a thoroughly modern, flexible integrated amp built to last. It's not cheap, but for your money you are investing in sheer musical enjoyment. My few reservations are not being able to easily see from across the room which input is selected, and a lack of a USB input for the DAC (a nice but not must have feature).

An integrated amp with an onboard DAC like the SUPERNAIT saves space and also saves money when it comes to analog interconnects, power cords, etc. Money which can either be used to buy a better single power cord or upgrade the digital interconnects, or better yet more music. In the end If you value getting lost in the music, as opposed to an analytical and surgical picture of your music, the SUPERNAIT is a must audition, even if your system is not all digital.

Naim Audio