Integrated Amplifiers

Marantz PM8003 Stereo Integrated Amplifier



Marantz PM8003 Integrated Amplifier

Flexibility and sound quality were my two big requirements for an integrated amplifier, and the PM8003 delivers. You can use it as a pre-amp, as a power-amp and of course as an integrated amp. Add in a decent phone stage and you can integrate this into most any system. And the big plus, the real deal-breaker is the sound. And here is where this little amp really shined. There was enough power to drive my speakers to loud clear volumes in my open and large listening room. The bass was controlled and effortless, the slightly rolled-off top-end matted very well with my open-baffle speakers, and even toned down the slightly over-bright ARE Audio bookshelves. Clearly Marantz still is committed to bring decent two channel gear to market, and if this is how good the budget line sounds I am eager to hear their Reference series.