Integrated Amplifiers

Marantz PM8003 Stereo Integrated Amplifier



The PM8003 is a well-built flexible integrated amplifier. The chassis has a triple-plated copper bottom; the front panel has two large dials, one for source, which switches with a satisfying click and the other is a solid volume control. There are tone controls, as well as a source-direct function, which effectively removes the tone controls from the signal path. On the rear side you have gold plated inputs and outputs and the custom made binding posts while lacking in aesthetic appeal they are very easy to hand tighten and function very well.

Marantz PM8003 Integrated Amplifier

Under the hood you will find a massive toroidal transformer powering this refined integrated amplifier. Volume is controlled by a high quality motorized analog pot and the source switching is all solid state. For vinyl users the PM8003 contains the same current feedback MM phono stage found in the Marantz SC-11S1 pre-amp which is mounted far from the power supply on its own circuit board. For everything else there are four additional inputs, pre-amp outputs and power-amp inputs. And that is where this unit becomes very flexible. The unit can be run as a pre-amp, power-amp or integrated amp. You can easily integrate it into your home theater system, driving your front speakers and handling your analog sources, even powering a second set of speakers, this is handy if you have different music and movie speakers.

Marantz PM8003 Integrated Amplifier