Integrated Amplifiers

Lindemann 882 Stereo Integrated Amplifier



The Lindemann 882 is expensive. But, you get something from your money. You get the expected fine quality materials and jewel like build quality, but you also get the best sound from an amp/preamp combo I've ever heard in my room. It's a component that re-invented my speakers, making them do things I thought were out of their reach. Your money even buys you relaxation, reducing glare and harshness to a point where you could feel your pulse rate and blood pressure dropping as the music played. I wanted for nothing more when I was listening to the 882, and that's the point of this component. Yes, the Lindemann 882 is too expensive for most audio enthusiasts, including me, to afford. But if you can afford it, you'll never need better and in some sense that's a bargain. I challenge other manufacturers to do as well for less money. I haven't heard it yet.