Integrated Amplifiers

Harman Kardon HK 990 Stereo Integrated Amplifier with Digital Room Correction and Dual Subwoofer Bass Management – Part II



We ended at the analog preamp out. Our journey through the HK 990 DSP-centric integrated amplifier has concluded. While the unit's design requires a multi-disciplinary approach and hundreds of parts, the basics of the design at the block-diagram level is reasonably straightforward. Along the tour, I highlighted the similarities of the HK 990 to an AVR. With the HK 990, there were only two channels with which to deal. We also did not get lost in the weeds with issues related to video boards.

Part III drills down at the circuit level where patterns are very different from an AVR. It is at the circuit level where one gains an appreciation of the unit's cost.  If you want to revisit Part I of this HK 990 three-part series....

Part III of this HK 990 three-part series....