Integrated Amplifiers

Harman Kardon HK 990 Integrated Amplifier and HD 990 CD Player



The HK 990 integrated amplifier and HD 990 CD player are stunning achievements for Harman Kardon. They are beautifully crafted and artfully designed components that will blend well into almost any décor. More importantly, they offer a level of performance that is simply fantastic, regardless of price. The HRS-Link between the HK 990 and HD 990 offered some of the best digital sound I have ever heard and the analog inputs of the HK 990 will do justice to just about any high-quality source component. If you appreciate the pure musical joy that quality 2-channel audio can deliver I highly, highly recommend that you give the HK 990/HD 990 combo a serious audition. If it weren't for the fact that I have more pressing A/V needs right now, the HK 990 and HD 990 would be staying in my home indefinitely.

*Note: As I was finishing this review, I received news that Harman Kardon founder Dr. Sidney Harman (1918 – 2011) passed away from a sudden illness. Dr. Harman's contributions to the world of high-end audio were numerous, and his influence will be sorely missed. The incredible capabilities of the HK 990 and HD 990 are prime examples of the impact he has had on this industry and the company that bears his name.