Integrated Amplifiers

McIntosh MA6300 Integrated Stereo Amplifier


My Tour at the McIntosh Labs Factory

You may recall my report on the tour I took of the factory back in 2006 . 2 Chambers Street, the locale familiar to McIntosh followers, was our gathering place. We sat in a new training room, where several times a year, McIntosh brings retailers to begin their two-day training course known as McMasters Graduate Program.

McIntosh MA6300 Tour of FactoryOur guide for the tour was the current President Charlie Randall, who's been at his tenure since April of 2001, and who originally joined the company in 1988. With 18 years under his belt, Charlie's length of time at McIntosh was the norm for employees.

This became quite the story – most on the assembly floor were dedicated people who'd been there for many years – some as many as 40 years. Most had been there from 15 to 25 years and I sensed immediately the pride in their craft. Charlie knew them all by their first names.

As sophisticated as the assembly process is, most is still done by hand. Including the circuit boards that are "stuffed" by very noisy machines, what you get in your McIntosh is good old American pride and craftsmanship from some very sure hands.

During our break I was fortunate to have lunch with Bob Weissburg, the Sales and Marketing President at D&M Holdings and he summed up the tour best. When you see the final McIntosh unit assembled you can't help but simply want one. I knew what he meant - I wanted one . . . or two.

The MA6300 integrated amplifier was my opportunity. I was intrigued because this McIntosh was affordable to me. What makes it affordable is all solid state construction which uses machine-stuffed circuit boards, and modest power output.