Sony Bravia KDL-46X3500 46" 1920x1080p LCD HDTV











When the local Sony dealer asked me which model I wanted to check out, I wasn’t sure if I should get the smaller 40” or the larger 46” model. On the one hand, statistics say that the 40” model will be a lot more popular, but they also suggest that the 44-50” segment, particularly in the US, is growing at an amazing rate.

The name of this model is confusing, as Toshiba has one named exactly the same. However, Sony was there before Toshiba, so my suggestion to the Toshiba marketing guys – do us all a favor and change your model numbering to something that conflicts less with other manufacturers.

The Bravia 46X3500 is an attractive HDTV, and its outer design is framed glass with a thin aluminum bezel. On the bottom side, Sony is etched onto the glass and lit from above – giving the effect that the display itself is floating in the air with the Sony logo floating in light below it. Even the small LED lights that turn on when the unit is on appear floating in space, and a small, nearly transparent, prism will transmit the IR signals up into the display itself.

This design has a distinct “Sony" look about it. However, this makes the outer dimensions of the display significantly larger. The display is actually larger in size than a comparable 50" screen.


  • Design: LCD; 46" Diagonal
  • Resolution: 1,920 x 1,080p
  • Contrast: 2,200:1
  • Brightness: 550 cd/m2
  • 100 Hz and 24p Capable
  • Inputs: Three HDMI, Two SCART, One Component Video
  • Dimensions: 36" H x 50" W x 5" D
  • Weight: 80 Pounds
  • MSRP: £2,000 ($4,000 USA)
  • Sony

The back of the display could cause a serious problem for those attempting to hang this puppy on their living room wall. This design is clearly intended for standing on a pedestal.


























There is no shortage of connections on the Sony. The unit also comes with a built-in digital tuner and room for CA card, although I have not had the chance to try these out.

On the rear of the display, one can find the typical connections – composite, S-Video and headset. The side of the unit also holds a third HDMI connection (useful for bringing your brand new HD camcorder and showing it off) and USB connection (just put your still frames on a flash drive and you can show that off too).