Paiste 18" Alpha Brilliant Rock Crash Cymbal

The Brilliant finish on cymbals has become very popular. This one is the Alpha Brilliant Rock Crash, and is a cousin to the Alpha Brilliant Metal Crash reviewed here.

The close-up photo shows the lathing is about the same for both cymbals, but the hammering is not quite as deep in the Rock Crash.



  • Manufacturer Line: Alpha
  • Type: Crash
  • Style: Rock (Heavy)
  • Alloy: B8 - CuSn8 - 92% Copper, 8% Tin
  • Diameter: 18"
  • Metal Work: Hand Hammered, Machine Lathed, Brilliant Finish
  • Weight: 3.45 Pounds
  • MSRP: $282 USA; Street Price $169
  • Paiste

The Rock Crash spectrum is similar to the Metal Crash, but the peaks in the 500 Hz and 4 kHz range are higher in relation to the rest of the spectrum than are the same regions in the Metal Crash, giving the Rock Crash more of noticeable focus in the high frequency region, more of a piercing bell-like sound. There is also a bit more near 60 kHz with the Rock Crash.

The peak volume level is at 0.15 seconds, which makes it a bit faster than the corresponding 18" Metal Crash.

The pitch of the Rock Crash is lower than the Metal Crash, and they would make an excellent pair for a drummer in any Metal band.



Click HERE to listen to an audio sample, which will include crash (when appropriate), ride, and bell sounds (these are 24 bit, 176.4 kHz wav files, so be sure your sound card is capable of handling these high resolution sound files).