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Ultrasone Pro 900 Over-the-Ear Headphones

Ultrasone Pro 900 Headphones


Recently, I have started to put more of a focus on using headphones in my office instead of speakers. I enjoy listening to music while working, but my cubicle neighbors don't necessarily appreciate the same type of music that I prefer. When a pair of  Ultrasone Pro 900 headphones became available for review, I obtained them to see how they would work in my setup and how they compare to my current reference headphones, the AKG K701's.


  • Design: Over-the-Ear Headphones
  • MFR: 6 Hz - 42 kHz
  • Drivers: 40mm Mylar/Titanium
  • Impedance: 40 Ohms
  • Maximum Loudness: 96 dB
  • Weight: 10.4 Ounces without Cable
  • Cable Length: 3 Meters
  • MSRP: $599 USA
  • Ultrasone