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NAD HP50 Viso Over-the-Ear Headphones


Conclusions and Rating of the NAD HP50 Viso Over-the-Ear Headphones

In this category of entry level audiophile headphones I look for several key components. First is a balanced sound, second is comfort, and third is value. We all like to find that product that presents a great value and makes you feel like you are getting something more for your dollar. The NAD HP50 is one of those products. You get a lightweight, comfortable around the ear fit for all day listening, along with a polished sound that is oh so easy to enjoy. Paul Barton has created a headphone that is insanely easy to listen to, no matter what your music tastes. The NAD HP50 will be one of my first suggestions to people looking for a better sounding headphone. A headphone that appreciates the music it is recreating.


NAD HP50 Viso Over-ear Headphones Rating
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