Headphones and Earphones

Monster Turbine Pro Copper Professional In-Ear Speakers


Design and Setup

The first thing you will notice with these in-ear speakers would be their shiny copper finish. They have a very nice luster to them. The Pro Coppers differ from then Turbines in a couple of areas.

First, the miniplug has a right angle to it, which is handy when using with an mp3 player or cell phone as the angle helps to keep the cable out of the way. Second, the cable itself is thicker and more sturdy and the connections are better reinforced. I would say they are some of the more durable earbuds I have used, but even if you were to have a problem, Monster will take care of you with as the Pro Coppers come with a lifetime warranty. The Pro warranty covers all manufacturers defects as well as a onetime full replacement even if you break them! If only all products I purchased had that.

The Pro Coppers also come with a variety of sizes and types of their SuperTips ear plugs. Most in-ear speakers have detachable foam or rubber tips that create the seal inside your ear canal. Without a proper seal, you will lose much of the low end frequencies and the sound might be a bit grating for your ears. The Monster SuperTips come in both a foam material that compresses to fit easily inside your ear canal, then expands to create a nice seal. They also come in a gel material, which is squishy and soft, but does not compress. Each type comes in small, medium and large sizes. The gel tips were certainly comfortable, but I found I got a better seal with the foam style.

To evaluate the Pro Coppers, I used my iPhone, Nuforce Icon Mobile, and a Nuforce HDP headphone amp. In most cases, the digital audio is in the Apple Lossless format.