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Denon AH-NC732 Noise Canceling Headphones



We live in a crowded world that increasingly gets smaller. We all work in smaller cubicles and with more people taking public transportation the trains and busses are fuller. And with most every flight filled to capacity our personal space along with our neighbor’s space is violated in every aspect, sound pollution especially is no exception.  Even for someone just looking to quiet their environment with no noise or sounds, the Denon’s offer some tranquility.

This generation listening to music on portable devices significantly more than at home only reinforces the need for devices like the Denon AH-NC732 noise cancellation headphones. There are many on the market, the difference is how they perform and I’m hooked on the Denon’s sound quality – it delivers in spades elegant and rich rewards for anyone dropping $300 MSRP on portable headphones. The Denon’s come well equipped, and work even when the battery fails, most do not.

I’ve owned another pair of noise cancellation headphones and enjoyed them. But I’m immediately replacing them with the NC732.