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Sony UDA-1 USB DAC Stereo Amplifier Review


Conclusions about the Sony UDA-1 USB DAC Amplifier

The Sony UDA-1 feels most at home in an office or bedroom system. The built-in amplifier will not power every speaker, but does a decent job with bookshelves in a small room. This versatility is the highlight of the UDA-1. It plays back any of the current Hi-Res Audio formats, from 24/192 PCM to DSD, along with MP3 and other compressed formats. It offers fine performance with low and mid-tier headphones along with the afore mentioned speaker option.

With High Resolution Audio downloads gaining presence, it makes sense to invest in a DAC that can handle any format an album might be available in. Stores like HD Tracks and Acoustic Sounds Super HiRez have a catalog to choose from and are growing weekly. It likely won’t be long till one of the giants like Amazon, or iTunes offer High Resolution Audio as well. With the Sony UDA-1 you can enjoy increased fidelity now and feel confident in its ability to handle everything down the road.

For $799 I wish Sony had opted for a better DAC, but with the other functionality offered in the UDA-1, choices have to be made. For the computer audio generation the Sony UDA-1 offers a lot of versatility in a small package and fills a niche in their High Resolution Audio lineup.