Toshiba 55ZL2 4K LCD 3D Display


The Media and Network Streaming Toshiba 55ZL2

I won't go too deep into these features, but suffice to say that the display supports DLNA as both a renderer (you can send stuff to it to be rendered) and as a client. Both options worked partially with the 55ZL2. As a client, the display was quite picky regarding which server software it would work with. When trying to pull content from Synology NAS, which has a great DLNA service – it simply failed to play any video content (photos and music worked fine). My Microsoft shared content worked OK (But media player service does not support any interesting content formats), while Twonky worked partially. Since these are all functional DLNA servers, I can only conclude this is another DLNA compatibility failure.

Content did play fine using USB ports.

For some reason, the display is really fond of my iTunesU content, as it played it fine even when no other video content would play using DLNA.