Sony 46HX929 46" Backlit LED-Array HDTV


Sony 46HX929 46" Backlit LED-Array HDTV Design and Setup

The front of the HX929 is a single pane of glass, with no bezel raised around the screen or logo sticking out. This striking look is meant to go on the wall and make a statement about your own design tastes. Ports and controls are hidden away on the sides of the display, with a breakout cable necessary for component video. The HDMI inputs are close enough to the edge that they are easy to access even if you do wall mount it. The included remote has a nice backlight and can control a few additional devices beyond the HX929 TV.

One curious inclusion is an RS232 port on the back of the display that sticks out a bit compared to the ports and mounting holes. I realize having RS232 control is essential for many installers, it seems this could have been done with a breakout cable, or even an RS232 to RJ45 adapter or something similar. As it is, certain mounting brackets that attach a flat panel snugly against the wall will not work with the HX929. Instead of being nearly flush, it will stick out a minimum of around 2 inches. With the panel itself only being 1.5" deep, the resulting install is not as clean as it should be.

With some of the registration for streaming services being handled online and not from the display, I found the setup to be quite easy. I settled on the standard picture mode in the Cinema preset to start, and then did a full calibration after that. More details on the calibration process are available in the Bench Test section. Once set to a correct level of light output for a living room it was time to see how the HX929 looked. I utilized the integrated tuner for watching TV, and watched movies from a variety of Blu-ray players, including the Oppo BDP-93, Sony BDP-S590 and Sony BDP-S790.