LG 55EA980 55" Curved OLED HDTV


Introduction to the LG 55EA980 OLED HDTV

For the past decade, we've been hearing about a miraculous new technology called OLED that will reshape our lives. It will be cheaper than LED TVs, produce better blacks than the legendary Pioneer Kuro, as thin as a kitchen knife and curved like an IMAX projection screen. Not only that, but manufacturers hope this will bring new life to their mostly losing TV businesses.


(Specs vary between models)

  • Screen Size: 55" Diagonal
  • Processor: 2 x 1.2Ghz Dual core
  • Internal Flash Memory: 2GB
  • Connections:  4 X HDMI (1.4 simplink, 1xARC, 1xMHL) , 3 X USB (one is USB 3.0), Composite/Component, Antenna, SPDiF Out, LAN, Headphones Jack
  • Remote: Magic Motion
  • Communication: Mircast, NFC, BT, WiDi, WiFi direct, LAN, DLNA, MHL
  • Aspect Ratio: 8 Modes ( 16:9, Just Scan, Original, Full Wide, 4:3, 14:9, Zoom, Cinema Zoom 1)
  • Just Scan (1:1 Pixel Matching) 0% OverScan: ( HDMI/Component/RF) 1080i / 1080p / 720p
  • 7 Picture Modes (Vivid,Standard,Eco, Cinema,Game, isf Expert1,isf Expert2)
  • Picture Wizard II (2D/3D)
  • 3D Type: FPR (Film Patterned Retarder, Passive Radial)
  • Formats: DIVX, M2TS, MKV, MOV, M4V, JPEG, DTS, MP3, DD AC3, MPEG, PCM, AAC
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Touted the silver bullet of the video industry, we've been repeatedly disappointed - as each CES comes along and new demos are shown, actual products still do not get mass produced or sold (apart from the now-legendary epic fail of the 11" OLED Sony TV).

That's all changed. Both Samsung and LG now produce and sell OLED TVs, which cost around $10,000 retail - in both flat and curved form factors. These are first generation mass produced units, with more companies like Panasonic and Sony not far behind from mass production.

First generation technology is never perfect, as you shall see from the review, but they demonstrate the capabilities of the technology.

Although this OLED TV contains many features, such as a built in HD DTV receiver, smart applications, a built in streamer and more - In this article, I will primarily focus on the display technology and less on the other features of the display.