NuVision NVU65FX5 65" LCD Flat-Panel HDTV



The NVU65 projected high quality the moment I unpacked it. There is no plastic or flashy trim here. The bezel is medium silver in color with a brushed finish and is made entirely of aluminum. The silver bezel is a limited edition item. The normal color is black brushed aluminum. The base is also a heavy metal casting. Even the rear cover is metal. Badging on the lower right and left is minimal with a small NuVision logo and a one-inch strip containing status lights and the IR sensor. On the right side of the TV are buttons for power, channel, volume, menu and input. The panel weighs over 140 pounds and as such, I needed a strong friend to help me lift it up and onto the tabletop stand. I expect this TV will most commonly be hung on the wall. At less than four inches thick the NVU65 is a natural for on-wall installations.

All inputs and connectors face downward and are recessed for easy cable management. There are four HDMI, two component video, two S-video and two composite video inputs. There is a 15-pin VGA input for a computer. Audio connections include two speaker level outputs via spring tabs and a coax digital output which supports Dolby Digital and PCM. NuVision does not include speakers with the NVU65 leaving that choice to the integrator. The on-board amps are rated at 10 watts per channel. Also included are analog stereo outputs. Finally there is an RF input for a cable or antenna feed. The lone control input is called NuControl Card. This is an RJ-45 connector that carries bi-directional RS232, and IR.

The NVU65FX5 features a 120 Hz refresh rate. This is fairly common with modern LCD panels but not every manufacturer does it right. NuVision fortunately does. 60 frames-per-second (fps) material is displayed using a 2:2 cadence to achieve 120 Hz. Film-mode material originating at 24 fps from Blu-ray disc can be played with a 5:5 cadence where each frame is repeated five times or you can turn on the frame interpolation feature which NuVision calls Frame Forward Motion (FFM). When this is engaged, the NVU65 compares one frame to the next and creates four new frames to fill in the missing information. The three available settings; low, medium and high; control the degree to which the smoothing is applied. Low only adds frames in fast action sequences. High always adds frames, and medium falls somewhere in between.

NuVision LCD

The remote is one of the best I’ve ever seen included with a TV. It has a metal faceplate and a thick rubberized back. The buttons have a nice soft feel and click with the extra quality usually found in high-end products. This is one of the rare remotes that include discrete input buttons. There isn’t one for HDMI 4 but I suspect that is because this remote is included with other NuVision models that only have three HDMI inputs. A discrete code for HDMI 4 is supported through the RS-232 interface. The volume and channel buttons are shared with menu navigation. The Day and Night buttons toggle presets for the backlight level. You can also leave the backlight on Auto so it changes with the level of room light. Also included are buttons for the different aspect ratios and PIP functions. You can also freeze the image at any time. Pressing Display brings up info about the current input, input resolution, and refresh rate. One omission is a single for the 1:1 pixel mode. To set this you have to press Enter and 3.