LG 55LW5600 55" 3D Edge Lit LED LCD HDTV


The LG 55LW5600 55" 3D Edge Lit LED LCD HDTV On The Bench

LG has been very good recently about having ISF Expert modes that allow for more control over calibration than some displays, but also provide a good starting point for users. Out of the box, the ISF Expert Mode had a grayscale that was on the warm side, with an average temperature of 5,800 and a dE of 10.7. The colors were also better than expected with an average dE of 4.8 for the primaries and secondary’s, and it had a very good average gamma that was almost 2.2.

The LG offers two ways to adjust the grayscale, with either 2 points or 10 points to adjust. Despite the temptation for extra control, I found that after adjusting the 10 points to be correct that the gamma was totally destroyed, averaging 1.5 even when the menu system was set to a gamma of 2.4. Using the 2-point method, it took almost no time to calibrate the 80% IRE pattern, and the 20% pattern already had a dE of 1.6 and needed no work. After this was done the grayscale had a dE of 1.2 and a gamma of almost exactly 2.2.

Adjusting colors was not quite as easy as LG only provides color and tint controls for each color, and not the full set of Hue/Saturation/Lumination or Red/Green/Blue controls for each color that other vendors do. This made it harder to really dial in the colors, but we were able to reduce the average dE for the primaries and secondary’s from 4.8 to 2.0. Blue had the highest dE of 3.9 but as this is the color that the eye is least sensitive to errors in, this is a very good overall result.

We did notice some strange behavior in how the sharpness controls worked with the luma and chroma patterns on Spears and Munsil. If the sharpness controls dropped below a certain level, a 1 pixel line would become hazy with edges around it and the luma zone plate pattern would be a smooth gray at the edges, instead of sharp all the way out. Keeping both controls at 50 seemed to be ideal, which is the default. However, if they were this high than the chroma plate showed a lack of fine chroma detail in 4:2:2 and 4:4:4 modes, but showed all the detail in RGB mode. Dropping the sharpness controls allowed the chroma detail to pass in the YCbCr modes, but then caused a loss of luma resolution. This was very odd behavior, but we would suggest keeping those controls at 50, since luma resolution is more important than chroma, but set all your devices to be RGB output instead of YCbCr for the LG set.

Once calibrated, the LG had a very nice, natural image and we didn’t notice haloing or other issues from the LED localized dimming either. It did provide us with pitch-black letterbox borders on scope films and a very nice overall image.