Dune HD - Base3D and TV-303D High Definition Media Streamers


Conclusions about the Dune HD - Base3D and TV-303D

Dune HD players have great build quality - they are not the most attractive players on the market, but they are well built. The units are very stabile and did not crash, require a restart or had any major issues. The unit can also be set up to check for firmware updates and notify you if there are major updates. You can also request more frequent updates by allowing it to check for beta updates, which are typically quite stabile and offer a surprising amount of feature improvements.

Dune HD supplies good iOS and Android remote control apps. I would really like to see more of the same - have more control over the units via these apps (like seeing what the unit is doing, have access to all of the favorites and play files back from these locations) as well as more "Airplay" like solutions.

Ultimately, the lack of content applications and a built-in jukebox were the only missing features from both devices.

The Dune Base3 is more of a videophile device, while the TV-303D is something that you can take with you or use in a bedroom or a kids' room. I really liked both units and use them both on a regular basis.

Ofer LaOr (Hometheater.co.il).