Floor-standing Speakers

Waterfall Audio, Iguasçu Evo Floor-Standing Speakers



Since the tower is essentially a sealed box I did not find it very sensitive to corner or wall loading. It did tend to thicken up the bass response in my room around 100-180hz when moved closer to the wall and much more so in a corner. Yet compared to a bass reflex (ported) speaker it was a much milder bump. By ear I would guess only a 2-4 decibel boost. I settled on having the speakers about 2 feet from my back wall. Toe adjustments yielded very minimal results in terms of treble energy or imaging. From my experience this is a sign of having a very broad and even dispersion, which proved to be correct once I began listening.

I hooked up my speaker cables via banana plugs and broke-in the speakers for 4 days playing nonstop out-of-phase white noise. Afterwards I repositioned the speakers back at the original location 2 feet away from the wall and played with side spacing. In my room they seemed to work best about 8 feet apart, my listening position at 10ft away, and with just a tad of toe in. As time went by I experimented further with toe in and came to the conclusion it didn't affect imaging or spectral balance much. These are fairly easy speakers to set up.

Attaching the optional weights is a simple affair requiring a hex key to attach the weights with a bolt. Using the weights to tailor the bass in my room proved very useful. With no weights the bass had a hump somewhere around 55hz. It wasn't objectionable and actually made kick drums sound fantastic, giving music a nice driving rhythm. I went to the other extreme and attached the heaviest weight. It removed the hump but also all the bass energy below 60hz was now too weak to feel the attack of bass notes. They were more heard, not felt. I suspect this had more to do with my room than anything else. My space isn't able to sustain notes much below 40hz. Using the middle weight flattened out the bass response and increased bass extension slightly. This is the setting I used for the remaining months of auditioning.

For all gear I will review from now on I will list what support equipment was used in development. In the case of Waterfall they use Naim and Bryston amplifiers, with Atohm(the company which also builds the drivers to Waterfall's specs) and Wire World cables. I feel this is important information for getting a feel for what electronics will work exceptionally well with speakers or vice versa.