Floor-standing Speakers

Thiel MCS1 LCR Speakers



The speakers were installed in my main listening room, which is 15' by 20', with large openings into adjacent rooms directly to either side of the front stage. A Denon 4308 receiver connected to a Bryston 9Bsst2 5ch amp powers the system, with a PS3 as Blu-ray and HD media source. Music playback comes from an Oppo 981HD for multi-channel SACD and an Onix XCD-88 cd-player handles redbook and HDCD. The MCS1 system replaces my reference speakers, which include a pair of MartinLogan Vistas, a Descent i center and a pair of open-baffle speakers with ribbon tweeters speakers from Raw Acoustics on surround duty.

Setting up the main speakers was straight-forward and the subwoofer was wired by XLR cable to the PX5 which was connected to the speaker outputs of the Bryston amp. As there is no extra load presented to the amplifier when using the PX5 you can connect both the speakers and the PX5 passive network to any amp without issue. As well I connected a single-ended RCA cable from the Denon's LFE output to the LFE in on the smart sub. I told the Denon that the main speakers were large, sub on and set to receive LFE only. This setup sends and specific LFE information (0.1) to the sub, and sends a full-range signal to all 5 speakers allowing the PX5 to extract the bass info and send that to the Smart Sub.