Floor-standing Speakers

THIEL CS2.7 Floor-Standing Speakers


Setup of the THIEL CS2.7 Floor-standing Speakers

These 4 ohm speakers are hard to drive, I've always heard that about Thiel and now at home, I will confirm that to be true. Although the manufacturer recommends a minimum of 100 wpc , I did need to throw everything I had at these speakers to get them to sing. This isn't the first time, both the KEF Reference 205 and the Canton 5.2DC floorstanding speakers also needed all the punch I could muster. So although the Thiel is not alone, it differed because it went from good to great, unlike the incremental differences in the other similar speakers.

I will admit though that I loved the CS2.7's best with tube gear with an Onyx tube amplifier along with and without the boosting Musical Fidelity Superchargers. For the most part I used a Parasound Halo A21 amplifier and the P3 preamplifier. I'd had the speakers long enough to come back to this review when Parasound sent me the P5 to review, huge difference from the P3. Yes that's another story. Sources were from a Marantz SACD player and turntable, an OPPO Blu-ray player, high-res files through a Benchmark DAC and I also used a Bluetooth device from Mass Fidelity called Relay, again another story and forthcoming review. All cabling including the USB cable, speaker cables, interconnects and most power cords from Transparent Audio.

With my modest sized listening space, I couldn't say placement was critical with the CS2.7's. I found their off-axis response extremely uniform. I ended up with them about 8 feet apart and slightly toed-in while I sat about 9 feet back. They were placed about 2 feet from the rear wall and about 18 inches of the side walls.