Floor-standing Speakers

Spendor A5 Floor-standing Speakers



Spendor impresses and inspires with excellent components, stellar construction, and down to earth engineering and design. The slight stature of the A5s physical presence makes them more than welcome in smaller rooms and a most flexible speaker overall. Their sound is decidedly and delightfully neutral with a freedom from treble sharpness or mid range smearing. Bass is genuinely articulate if not prodigious, and of course the latter can always be addressed by the addition of a sub woofer of suitable caliber, which the A5s should by all accounts blend well with under proper crossover ("bass management") implementation.

The only reservation I have with them is not the price, which although appreciable, is in my estimation efficient in that it all seems to be going "where it counts". Rather it is the aforementioned sensitivity which concerns me in that subjectively they seemed even less efficient than the quoted sensitivity of 86dB (comparing them to a couple other speakers we had on hand at the time). Its not a deal breaker but while we always recommend trying a speaker out in your own home with your own hardware before committing, here the notion is simply even more critical.

That point notwithstanding the A5s are definitely worth the trip to a dealer for audition should they be within the available budget.