Floor-standing Speakers

Sonus Faber Venere 3.0 Home Theater Speaker System


Conclusions about the Sonus faber Venere 3.0 Speaker System

I enjoyed every minute of my time with the Venere 3.0 speaker package. This most excellent system was easy to set up, meeting the designers' goal of flexible placement options. The speakers are beautiful to look at and to listen to as well. The REL T9 subwoofer surpassed my expectations in every possible way. It reminds me that you can't just look at the specs when buying speakers, you have to experience them first hand to discover their true qualities.

My final evaluation is that the Venere system has a remarkable precision that lends itself to superior imaging, a super solid stage up front with fine ambience in the front to back dimension. Its most telling strength is a realism, a vivid sound that is borne from a passionate sense for music and cinema. Great bench tests results demonstrate a low distortion design that is certainly a major part of the engaging sound I experienced. This is a system that is easy to live with and easy to love with.