Floor-standing Speakers

PSB Imagine T2 Tower Speakers


Conclusions about the PSB Imagine T2 Tower Speakers

As I review my notes, I keep underlining the word control. And although the T2 seems to image with clarity, the presentation is smooth rather than edgy. That isn't to say there isn't clean definition but I'd classify the sound as just this side of laid-back. My preference is for the clean and balanced presentation of the Imagine T2 rather than a razor-sharp grainy harshness of a lesser speaker. It's what places the T2 and for that matter, any Paul Barton designed speaker far above anything in this price range. In fact double this price and still you would be hard-pressed to compete. Frankly, PSB offers the T2 at such an incredible value that it must be on any must-listen-to-before-I-buy list.

My only regret about the Imagine T2 is not getting this review done in time to nominate it as a mid-priced speaker of the year in our annual awards program. I can't "imagine" excuse the pun, that anyone wouldn't appreciate the value, design, styling, and sound of this speaker.