Floor-standing Speakers

PSB Imagine T2 Tower Speakers


Setup of the PSB Imagine T2 Tower Speakers

Having the T2 in my listening room for awhile now, I was able to mix up the source and amplifiers. My source material is played on a Marantz SACD player, a Parasound preamp/amp combination and a Marantz turntable and Musical Fidelity phono stage. When I wanted to hear tube gear, I replaced the Parasound pair with an integrated 55 wpc from Onix. Additionally playing back high-resolution files from my PC involved my Benchmark Dac1. All speaker cables, power cords and USB cable are from Transparent Audio.

Placement in my room is actually limited with my space no more than 12 feet wide and 16 ft deep. I found the best location about 24 inches from both the rear and side walls thereby placing the speakers about 7-8 ft apart and about 8 ft back to the listening position. Because the T2 boasts such high on-axis frequencies, a slight toe-in insured I was sitting at the right distance.

I admired the pale yellow drivers and the exposed face so much that I removed the fabric-clad metal grills. Frankly it's rare I leave grills on for auditioning anyway.