Floor-standing Speakers

Polk LSiM Home Theater Speaker System


Conclusions about the Polk LSiM Home Theater Speaker System

I had the pleasure of reviewing Polk's less expensive RTiA range a few years ago. While I was very impressed with those speakers, I was even more impressed with the LSiM line. For everything the RTiA speakers did well, the LSiMs did it better: deeper and more accurate bass, more extended and airy treble, a smoother yet more accurate midrange, better musicality and life, increased soundstage width and depth, and improved imaging. Overall build quality was also noticeably superior, as it should be given the price difference. However, the biggest difference between the two lines is that when listening to the LSiM system I felt like I was hearing a well-executed, no compromises, high-end design, not just a system that sounded amazing for its price point. This is the type of speaker system that will grow with you as the quality of your source components progresses. While I can't say that this system is cheap, if you want a serious dosage of what high-end audio is all about Polk's LSiM series could be just what the doctor ordered.