Energy CF-70 Floor-standing Speakers

Energy CF-70 Speakers

I first encountered the Energy line of speakers in the late 90's when I helped a friend setup her new Take 5 system paired with a Denon receiver. My recollection of the event is of some skepticism as to the sound quality given the small size of the speakers but I ended up being grudgingly impressed with them. They certainly blew away any HTiB solution! It was perfect for her condo.


Definitive Technology Mythos STS Supertower Speakers

Definitive Technology Mythos STS Supertower Speakers

Definitive Technology made a big splash with the introduction of the innovative Mythos ST tower speaker back in 2007 - its sleek elegant design and proportions along with some serious technology and integral powered race-track shaped subwoofers made it an instant hit. And oh boy it sounded smooth! Of course this was nothing new for current President Sandy Gross who founded DT back in 1990 and introduced one successful speaker after another.


Eggleston Works The Nine Floor-standing Speakers


Sometimes a disappointing start can lead to a glorious finish. Such has been my experience with Eggleston Works' The Nine, a beautiful loudspeaker that more than deserves the copious amounts of praise it is receiving here and abroad. I have spent a long time – far too long, with The Nines. I have done so for purely selfish reasons. I have grown quite fond of these babies, and will be sad to see them go. But other speakers are on their way, and there's only so much room at the Inn.


THIEL CS3.7 Floor-Standing Speakers

THIEL CS3.7 Speakers

THIEL is one of the most well known and long lived high end loudspeaker companies. Jim Thiel founded Thiel Audio in 1976, building his company's reputation on speakers that are time and phase coherent. All of THIEL's full range loudspeakers have followed this recipe, including the new CS3.7. Where the CS3.7 differs is in its level of execution. The CS3.7 is almost double the price of the older CS3.6 model, and approaches or exceeds the price points of the larger CS5 and CS7 speakers of the past. While the speaker follows the same recipe as past THIEL models, it is reinvented in almost every way. For some (at least those who haven't heard it), the increased price was a big disappointment. I call this sour grapes for people who thought they could afford the CS3.7 but then had to realize they couldn't. The CS3.7 is worth every cent, and is a strong contender versus pretty much any full-range loudspeaker in the under-$20k price category.


KEF Reference 205/2 Floor-standing Speakers


Bigger is still better, period - at least when it comes to two-channel systems. Believe me I've heard many fine sounding monitors (with and without a separate subwoofer) auditioned at shows and in my own listening room. Several reviewed I've purchased or wanted to badly, yet like the preverbal big fish I throw them back to wait for the one that's just too amazing to return. Read our review of the KEF 205/2 floor-standers. They would fit anyone's needs.


Klipsch Palladium P-39F Floor-standing Speakers

Klipsch P-39F Speakers

The new Klipsch Palladium P-39F floor-standing speakers are big, bold, beautiful, and best of all, they sound fantastic. They are very sensitive, so can be powered by small amplifiers, and as my wife told me, "These things make you want to pay attention and listen to the music rather than read the newspaper." They have an amazing ability to localize instruments and voices. Read Secrets' exclusive review of these find speakers.


SVSound MTS-01 Floor-standing Speakers


SVSound's new MTS-01 series of speakers includes these floor-standers that just blew us away in listening tests and bench measurements. For the price, they are very stiff competition.


MartinLogan Spire Floor-standing Electrostatic Hybrid Speakers


MartinLogan has just introduced their latest model of electrostatic hybrid speakers, called the Spire. They are something else! One of the best ESL's I have ever heard, at any price.


MartinLogan Purity Floor-standing Electrostatic Hybrid Speakers


MartinLogan electrostatic speakers are renown for their sound quality, and now, with the Purity, they are affordable for everyone. The built-in 200 watt power amplifier for both the ESL panel and the woofers makes them easy to drive, and the small footprint allows them to be used in any room


Montana EPS2 Floor-standing Speakers


Montana Loudspeakers, marketed by PBN Audio, is a company whose products I have been very interested in for a long, long time. I have seen them at numerous hi-fi shows, and since I have two massive 1,200 watt monoblock power amplifiers that I like to pair with massive speakers once in awhile, I have been attracted to the Montana's, partly because the line includes some really big models. But more importantly, they have always impressed me with the sound quality at shows - which is not easy to do because the rooms are less than ideal - and they are incredibly beautiful.


Final Sound 1000i ST Full-Range Electrostatic Speakers and S220 Subwoofer


If you have followed some of my reviews over the years, you know I am a huge fan of planar (flat panel) speakers.

Falling into this category are ribbon, quasi-ribbon, planar-magnetic, and electrostatic (ESL) speakers. They are defined by their flat drivers.