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Eggleston Works The Nine Floor-standing Speakers


Sometimes a disappointing start can lead to a glorious finish. Such has been my experience with Eggleston Works' The Nine, a beautiful loudspeaker that more than deserves the copious amounts of praise it is receiving here and abroad. I have spent a long time – far too long, with The Nines. I have done so for purely selfish reasons. I have grown quite fond of these babies, and will be sad to see them go. But other speakers are on their way, and there's only so much room at the Inn.


KEF Reference 205/2 Floor-standing Speakers


Bigger is still better, period - at least when it comes to two-channel systems. Believe me I've heard many fine sounding monitors (with and without a separate subwoofer) auditioned at shows and in my own listening room. Several reviewed I've purchased or wanted to badly, yet like the preverbal big fish I throw them back to wait for the one that's just too amazing to return. Read our review of the KEF 205/2 floor-standers. They would fit anyone's needs.


Final Sound 1000i ST Full-Range Electrostatic Speakers and S220 Subwoofer


If you have followed some of my reviews over the years, you know I am a huge fan of planar (flat panel) speakers.

Falling into this category are ribbon, quasi-ribbon, planar-magnetic, and electrostatic (ESL) speakers. They are defined by their flat drivers.


SVSound MTS-01 Floor-standing Speakers


SVSound's new MTS-01 series of speakers includes these floor-standers that just blew us away in listening tests and bench measurements. For the price, they are very stiff competition.


B&W 804S Floor-Standing Speakers


B&W (Bowers & Wilkins) speakers have been around since the 1960's when John Bowers and Peter Hayward built the P1 using an EMI woofer and Celestion tweeter. By the end of the decade they had constructed the DM70 entirely in house with a 12" woofer and electrostatic midrange and tweeter. This was the beginning of B&W's pursuit of loudspeaker perfection.


MartinLogan Purity Floor-standing Electrostatic Hybrid Speakers


MartinLogan electrostatic speakers are renown for their sound quality, and now, with the Purity, they are affordable for everyone. The built-in 200 watt power amplifier for both the ESL panel and the woofers makes them easy to drive, and the small footprint allows them to be used in any room


Canton CD 3200 Active (Powered) Floor-Standing Speakers


While most consumers are probably into surround sound, the reality is that a fair percentage still listen to two-channel stereo. The shift to flat-panel video displays and "thin-is-in" look of home theater has perhaps increased the interest in two-channel.