Floor-standing Speakers

Newform Research Ribbon Tower Speakers


Conclusions about the Newform Research Ribbon Tower Speakers

My recommendation would be if you really like bass heavy music, get a sub and don’t look back. If you gravitate to jazz or light classical, these speakers should more than satisfy you with a very detailed and wonderfully wide sound stage all by themselves. Though you can order grilles for these speakers, I think they look distinctive without them. I elicited many comments from people about their unusual looks. My wife actually liked them and commented on how good the natural finish looked. (And she’s pickier than I am!). With a 5 year warranty, the availability to add additional ribbon tweeters and the ability to upgrade the external crossovers, the Newform Research Ribbon Towers bring a lot to the table at this price point. For those that have dreamed of ribbons, but are hampered by less than ideal room shapes or sizes, the Towers might just be right for you.