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Newform Research Ribbon Tower Speakers


Introduction to the Newform Research Ribbon Tower Speakers

Made in Canada, Newform Research manufactures unique ribbon loudspeakers and sells them factory direct worldwide. Their ribbon designs offer the transparency, detail and sound staging of the classic large panel electrostatic and ribbon loudspeakers, but because of their narrow compact footprint, are easier to drive and setup, even in smaller rooms. Newform believes that a speaker should be able to work well with music and be equally comfortable in a home theater environment. I agree. The question is, of course, do the Towers deliver the goods?


  • Design: Ribbon/Hybrid Floor-standing Speaker
  • Drivers: One 15” Ribbon, Six 4” Mid/bass Cone Drivers
  • Crossover Frequency: 1.8 kHz
  • Sensitivity: 87 dB
  • Weight: 36 Pounds/each
  • Dimensions: 36.5” H x 5.25" W x 14” D
  • Finishes: Custom - Your Choice of Stain or Paint; $180 Extra for Veneer
  • MSRP: Natural Finish with a Single Ribbon: $1,570/pair, Dual Ribbon: $1,860/pair, Dual Ribbon and Grilles: $2,035/pair
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