Floor-standing Speakers

MartinLogan Ethos Hybrid Electrostatic Speakers



I have had the MartinLogan Ethos speakers in my system for several weeks and I am becoming progressively more sleep deprived by the day. That's because I have been staying up to the wee hours of the night playing all kinds of music. With good source material, the Ethos will paint an extremely beautiful picture of the sound. Most of these songs sound as if I am listening to them for the very first time.

The hallmarks of the Ethos sound are transparency, low distortion, natural transients, pinpoint imaging, the ability to render complex passages and a natural harmonic structure. The Ethos have capably handled every genre of music I've thrown at them, all the way from chamber music to heavy metal. The Ethos are true audiophile speakers in every sense of the word and they reveal the sonic character of the rest of your equipment for better or worse.

I think MartinLogan has a real winner of a speaker in the Ethos. My respect for them grows each and every day. I believe that life is short and you should go all in when you can. But why spend tens of thousands of dollars to get there when the Ethos are priced at just $6,500 a pair? Give them a try; you will probably agree with me that they perform far better than speakers costing much, much more.