Floor-standing Speakers

Legend Acoustics Tikandi Speaker System with DEQX HDP-3 Processing



The Legend Tikandis with the DEQX HDP-3 are a very special combination. I have never heard better sound in my listening room. The tonal accuracy, frequency extension, and most impressively the ability to pull detail out of recordings was nothing short of astonishing. If you have about $20,000 to spend on a complete stereo system, the Tikandis with the HDP-3 processor and Marantz 8 channel amplifier might be the best possible way to go. If you already have your own speakers, the HDP-3 processor can dramatically improve the performance of your loudspeakers. With the HDP-3 in the loop, my Gallo Reference 3.1s were able to deliver flat frequency performance from 20 Hz to 20 kHz +/- 3dB at the listening position. While they were not able to deliver the full resolution and detail of the Tikandis, the performance was quite close. My only complaints were convenience issues. I wish the processor offered more analog inputs, and a Toslink digital input. Other than that, the HDP-3 was virtually ideal, combining the roles of digital processor, DAC, ADC and preamp in one, for a very reasonable price.