Floor-standing Speakers

Legacy Classic HD Tower Speakers and Metro Subwoofer


Conclusions about the Legacy Classic HD Speakers

I'm sure you can tell from reading through this review that I completely fell in love with the intoxicating sound of Legacy's Classic HD speakers. I loved the smooth treble and the transparent midrange supported by tight, clean and full bass. The Classic HD's had an uncanny ability of getting the scale right with everything I put through them both large and small – from a solo a capella singer to a massive orchestra in a large hall, I just about always felt in the moment.

The only quibble I might have would be that the bass didn't quite extend down to the netherest regions of the infrasonic band as you would get with one of Legacy's larger subs. But if you love music and want speakers that offer excellent performance with a wide array of material without editorializing the sound, then you should really give these Legacy speakers a listen. They are very reasonably priced, and made in America with love.