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GoldenEar Triton Seven Home Theater Speaker System


Setup of the GoldenEar Triton Seven Home Theater Speaker System

My intention with this review was to listen to the Triton Sevens in a purely stereo setup (with no subwoofer) at first in order to gauge their music reproduction abilities. Later, I would set them up with the supporting speakers in our basement home theater to put them through their cinematic paces. In our conversation, Sandy Gross made no bones about how proud he was of the Triton lines ability to reproduce music well and be a satisfying choice for audiophiles as well as home theater fans. I was only too happy to put this opinion up for examination!

For two-channel listening, the Triton Sevens were set up in my studio space which is a large basement room measuring 24 feet wide by 35 feet long by 7 feet high. The speakers were positioned just over 8 feet apart and my main listening position was just over 8 feet away as well. The speakers were toed-in such that the focus of the speaker's sound would intersect at my head position. Normally I would aim the speakers so that the sound travel would intersect just behind my head but Sandy had mentioned that he feels the Sevens sound best when they are aimed right at you. After some initial experimentation I tended to agree. The speakers were also placed well away from any side walls. Associated equipment includes: Sony XA7ES CD player, Onkyo DV-SP1000 Universal player, Onyx DAC 25, Bryston BP-25 preamplifier, Sony XDE-F1HD Digital Tuner, Carver TFM-55x power amplifier, Panamax M5400-PM Power Conditioner and Blue Jeans Cable speaker wire and interconnects.

For cinema evaluation all the speakers were installed in our basement home theater room as a full 7.1 channel setup. The room's dimensions are 13.5 feet wide by 18 feet long by 7.5 feet high. The Triton Sevens were placed about 7.5 feet apart and toed in towards the center listening position. After some experimentation the sub was placed along the front wall behind the main speakers about a third of the way in from the right corner. A pair of SuperSat 3s were mounted on the sidewall above and a little behind the main seating area and the other pair was installed in the back of the room on some built in shelving at roughly the same height as the side speakers. The SuperCenter XL was installed on top of our AV stand just below our plasma TV. All listening was performed with Audyssey MultiEQ calibration done and crossovers set to 60 Hz for the mains and center channel, while the surrounds were crossed to the subwoofer at 120 Hz.

Associated equipment included a Pioneer KURO 50" Plasma TV, Denon AVR-2310CI, Panasonic DMP-BDT220 Blu-ray Player, Sony PS3, Nintendo Wii, Panasonic LX-900 Laserdisc Player, Motorola DCH-6200 Cable Decoder box, APC H-15 Power Conditioner and Blue Jeans Cable speaker wire and interconnects. Go to Page 4: In Use