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GoldenEar Technology TritonCinema Two Home Theater Speaker System


Conclusions About the GoldenEar Technology TritonCinema Two Home Theater Speaker System

Sandy Gross, Don Givogue and their team at GoldenEar Technology have done an outstanding job creating the GoldenEar TritonCinema Two System. The entire system can easily be used to create a multi-purpose theater for superb performance with both music and movies, and the Triton Two Towers can certainly stand on their own as the cornerstone of an excellent two-channel system. Each speaker is well built with strong attention to detail. The outstanding drivers coupled with the exceptional performance of the High Velocity Folded Ribbon tweeter gives each speaker in the system the ability to reproduce sound with wonderful clarity.Together, the Triton speakers produce a sound stage that is thoroughly enjoyable and frequently addictive. I certainly enjoyed the opportunity to experience the TritonCinema Two System speakers and highly recommend them. If you are looking for new speakers, by all means give the GoldenEar Technology speakers an audition.