Floor-standing Speakers

Gallo Classico CL-4 Loudspeakers


Design of the Gallo Classico CL-4 Loudspeakers

Outwardly, the CL-4s look more or less like a typical box loudspeaker. On closer inspection, there are some differences that mark their similarity to other Gallo products. The sidewalls of the cabinet are the only parallel surfaces, breaking up resonant modes inside the cabinet. The spherical midrange enclosures used in the Reference series are there to reduce the number of resonant modes in the enclosure. By making a box enclosure with the minimum number of parallel sides, the number of resonant modes are also reduced. The CDT3 piezo-electric tweeter is identical to the unit used in the Reference 3.5. Rather than use a single large woofer in combination with smaller midrange drivers, the CL-4 uses four 5.25 inch drivers doing double duty for the bass and midrange. Because the large number of drivers and the corresponding area, frequency response reaches down to 26 Hz. This is a similar design to the flagship Reference 5LS, which also uses a large number of small drivers to achieve wideband performance. The drivers are mounted in a ported cabinet with a transmission line internal structure. The S2 bass loading (a proprietary fiber stuffing in the cabinet) increases the effective volume seen by the drivers. Like other Gallo speakers, the CL-4 uses no crossover network. Crossover is achieved solely through the driver and enclosure design, so no electronic crossover is necessary. The cabinet is ¾" MDF, internally braced. Mine came in the simple black ash finish, with optional cherry finish available. Connection to the amplifier is by a single pair of high quality 5-way binding posts. Since these speakers do not use the typical Gallo dual voice coil woofer, use of the separate Reference SA amplifier is not possible. The speakers are very solid, but still a relatively light 33 pounds. This is again in line with other Gallo speakers, which don't gain performance by simply throwing mass at the enclosure. The speakers use a tiny 7"x14" footprint on the floor, and are a mere 35" tall. The front baffle is sloped back, so the drivers are pointed at the listening position for most applications with no need for a stand. Vibration isolating pucks made of the same polymer material used in the Reference 3.5 are used to decouple the CL-4s from the floor. Grills are included, but I did not use them.