Floor-standing Speakers

Energy CF-70 Floor-standing Speakers



While not unduly hefty for floorstanders at 45lbs the speakers would benefit from a packing system that allowed the packing box to be lifted vertically off the speaker rather opening "from the side". The separate packing foam pieces and top and bottom rule out sliding the speakers out sideways as well – at least without a danger of the speaker falling on you as you attempt such a maneuver. This basically leaves the option of laying the box down and lifting the speaker from a horizontal position to vertical. Remember to lift with the legs.

Energy CF-70 Speakers

The speakers were connected to a Yamaha RXv-1400 receiver via 10ga Belden 5T00UP cables and all source material was driven by an Oppo DV971H or lossless files from a custom Home Theater PC. Unless noted all listening was done in a "direct stereo" mode with the receiver's equalization and sound processing turned off.