Floor-standing Speakers

Definitive Technology BP-8040ST SuperTower Speakers


Setup of the Definitive Technology BP-8040ST SuperTower Speakers

In the two-channel setup, equipment used included a Rogue Audio Athena tube-preamp fed through a Parasound amplifier and sourced with a Marantz turntable and SACD player, speaker and interconnect cables from Transparent Audio.

So the nature of these bipolar is flexibility. Speakers in general will suffer if not placed specifically the right distance from the rear and side walls effectively sucking breath from a narrowed soundstage, or create blurred definition if not properly toed. Not the BP-8040ST's, moving them around doesn't change the sound for better or for worse, it's simply different.

A smaller room with the speakers placed closer to the rear or side wall will heighten both bass and the low midrange. Likewise, if the room is larger or space is ample, the speaker floating away from near walls gives the speaker a bit more lightness, slight more clarity if not downright sweeter. These are not traits on any speaker; the BP-8040ST's will adjust to your space nicely. A quick turn of a few degrees on the rear bass gain and the bottom end fills in "to taste".

Placement hardly alters those traits of sound space. In fact I spent most of my time reviewing the speakers about 6 feet apart before Paul suggested placing them further apart and toed in significantly. What was the difference? Well, breadth and space remained but the near, rear and side walls, entered into play. What about soundstage, instrument and voice presence? Well here is where the BP is forgiving, in the best possible way.