Floor-standing Speakers

B&W CM8 Tower Speakers



Bowers and Wilkins has taken the configuration of the CM9 and scaled things down a tad. The recipe is the same. Nautilus tube loaded 1" aluminum tweeter as in the CM9 but with a smaller FST driver and dual 5" paper/Kevlar bass units rather than the 6" FST and 6.5" bass units for the larger and more expensive CM9. The overall profile and space occupied is markedly smaller in the CM8. Even with the plinth attached the CM8s took up less space than my stand mount speakers and sub combo. The speakers are sleek, attractive and exude a level of visual sophistication seldom seen in speakers at this price. Details such as the metal trim rings, contrast in textures and colors of the drivers, and the deep gloss black finish contribute to a perceived value much higher than the price would suggest.

B&W specifies the CM8 as having a 1st order cross over for the tweeter. The FST midrange driver uses a 2nd order high-pass in conjunction with a 1st order low-pass design. The dual bass units use a 3rd-order low pass filter.

A single port at the rear is placed above dual sets of binding posts. Both spikes and rubber feet are provided. Both can be attached to the plinth or for a sleeker look (though not as stable) you can attach the spikes/feet directly to the speaker cabinet.