Floor-standing Speakers

B&W 805 Diamond Bookshelf and HTM4 Center Channel Speakers


Conclusions about the B&W 805 Diamond and HTM4 Speakers

Over the last few years, my wife has been subtly pointing out the obvious to me: that my Usher Mini Dancer 2 towers, while beautiful, were impractically large for a NYC apartment. For this reason, bookshelf speakers have been on my radar for quite some time, but I was apprehensive: was it possible for a bookshelf to provide the same sort of presence as a tower speaker? The answer to this question was a resounding yes with the 805D and HTM4. Not only were they capable of throwing a gorgeous and enveloping soundstage, I was greeted with a level of detail that was clearly a step above anything that I had heard previously. Whether challenged with music or movie soundtracks, the 805D/HTM4 combo was capable of providing an incredibly satisfying experience. Coupled with drop dead gorgeous looks and superlative build quality, these speakers represent a compelling candidate for anyone looking to fill a small to medium sized room. The 805D/HTM4 combo isn't without its negatives. I did find the set overly revealing at times, and not the friendliest to mediocre material. The 805D/HTM4 combo is also expensive at $7500. While that price does get you exceptional sound and true high-end fit and finish, there are certainly less expensive options out there. Despite these qualms, I have no reservations whatsoever telling anyone in the market for a top-notch compact speaker system to put the B&W's on their short-list; I was so impressed, I made them a permanent part of my set-up.