Floor-standing Speakers

Axiom LFR1100 Omnidirectional Speakers and ADA-1500 Power Amplifier


Conclusions about the Axiom LFR1100 Omnidirectional Speakers and ADA-1500 Power Amplifier

When I bought my first decent surround system, Axiom was my choice, and it’s one I’ve never regretted. Though I’ve listened to many other speakers since then, I always yearn to come home to my Axioms. I started with their middle tower model, the M60, as the anchor for both a living room and dedicated theater system. When I had the opportunity to review their flagship models, the Epic 80-800 system, I purchased them after finishing the article. While every upgrade has made a noticeable improvement in my systems’ sonics, the LFR-1100 is, by far, the biggest leap in quality yet. These aren’t just pumped-up M80s, they are a whole new experience from Axiom.

I’ve always admired the neutrality and honesty of all the Axiom speakers I’ve listened to. The LFR-1100s have taken that concept and added a sense of depth and volume that I didn’t think possible in my listening room. I always look for speakers that melt the walls away and transport me to the concert hall; or into the world of the movie I’m watching. The LFR-1100s did this in a way I didn’t think was possible; especially for a speaker pair that costs less (way less!) than $25,000. I know that’s a bold statement but these speakers have bested some ridiculously expensive products in my mind. If you haven’t considered Axiom before, check out their forum and try to set up an audition. There are willing customers who will invite you to their homes for a listening session. If you already own Axioms, trust me, you want these! The LFR-1100s receive my absolute highest recommendation.