Floor-standing Speakers

Adam Audio ARTist 6 Active Speakers


Conclusions about the Adam Audio ARTist 6 Active Speakers

 On paper the advantage of active speaker designs are numerous, in real life these advantages proved themselves admirably.  The ARTist series of speakers are a very sophisticated package which are equally beautiful to look at.  If you live in an upscale modern urban dwelling of small to medium size the ARTist series is a must listen.
The benefit is not just aural but also physical. 

With an active system one is able to achieve the performance of using mono-block amplifiers to bi-amp a speaker while adding no boxes to your equipment rack or furniture.  In an age of ever declining boxes the ARTist series led me to a system consisting of an AV-Preamp, an ultra slim Blu-Ray player and an AppleTV with an equally discreet DAC.  Elegantly simple and incredibly high performing I foresee active speakers growing in popularity.