Floor-standing Speakers

Adam Audio ARTist 6 Active Speakers


Setup of the Adam Audio ARTist 6 Active Speakers

Being active designs all five speakers were connected to power, also audio via XLR connections. All speakers were crossed over at 110hz through a Marantz AV7005 for movie listening and run full range via an Audiolab 8200CDQ for music listening.

The front left and right ARTist 6 speakers measurements at my listening position showed a decline in high frequency response and a dip at the crossover between the woofer and tweeter. I suspected the crossover dip was primarily due to my ear level being significantly above the tweeter. The ARTist 6 does not have spike or a built in method of tilting or leveling the speakers. I used some brass feet to tilt the speakers back 3-4 degrees and also raised the overall tweeter level by two notches. Measurements revealed flatter extension to 12k and the crossover dip was all but eliminated. Minor adjustments to the low shelf filter were made to the left and right speakers to even out their in-room bass response.

The ARTist 6H and 5 speakers were left with all EQ settings at their default positions as they would be used with Audyssey XT room correction along with the ARTist 6 when listening to movies. No room correction other than the built in EQ was used on the ARTist 6 for music listening.

The ARTist 6 have a very wide sweet spot and did not benefit from being towed in much. The best balance of imaging and a wide sweet spot happened with just a few degrees of toe-in. Overall the ARTist 6 and 6H proved forgiving of placement with little tonal variation if placed close to a wall or corner or further into a room. Any changes in bass were easily adjusted with the built in low shelf EQ.

All speakers have a back panel power switch with a small LED on the front panel to indicate power or sleep mode. The LED is green when on, and red when in sleep mode. Sleep mode activates if no signal is present for what appeared to be 15 minutes.

I do wish there was a way to disable the sleep mode. During late night listening the surround or left and right channels would occasionally go into sleep mode if the level dropped too low. A minor annoyance.