Floor-standing Speakers

MartinLogan Spire Floor-standing Electrostatic Hybrid Speakers


The Design

The base of the Spire has the woofer enclosure, and on the back are the connections. You can also see a dial near the mid-top of the enclosure, and this lets you boost or attenuate the bass by ± 10 dB. This is important because ESLs are very sensitive to room placement, and it's necessary to be able to bring the bass into line with what the ESL panels are doing.


Here is a close-up of the dial, and you can also see the jumper clips that connect the ESL panel to the woofer. There is a small toggle to turn off a blue MartinLogan logo that is on the top of the woofer enclosure, as it can be seen through the translucent ESL panel.

The stators are curved and are perforated with small round holes. The shape and edging of the holes were researched in order to keep edge diffraction to a minimum. There are some narrow strips that keep the two stators spaced at tight tolerances.