Floor-standing Speakers

Eggleston Works The Nine Floor-standing Speakers



As I was soon to discover, The Nine likes a bit of toe-in. I settled on aiming the speakers a bit beyond my ears, so they were focused at a point 3 to 4 feet behind my head. I also moved them approximately 106" apart. While my room certainly allows for wider spacing, I found that greater separation affected image coherency.

The speakers' single set of rhodium binding posts seems designed for easy connection. Unfortunately, they are at the bottom of the cabinet's rear, and are recessed in such a way as to make connection a bit awkward. Why the posts are recessed, and why there is more space beneath the posts than above them, is beyond me.

I experimented with several listening enhancements during the course of my extended listening. These include extremely careful positioning of four Shakti Hallographs, and the use of Bybee Golden Goddess speaker bullets. Their effects are discussed below. Unfortunately, due to the recessed binding posts, I could only attach the Bybees by facing them toward the floor. While I like to keep cables off the floor to prevent noise contamination, the speaker's design left me choice in the matter. Did I say "grrrr."

The Nine comes with four impressively heavy, sharply pointed metal spikes. Unfortunately, spikes by themselves are not the best vibration isolation system for my room. Because the floor acts as a transducer, vibrations go into the floor, where they are amplified to the point of reflecting back and interacting with their source. Hence I placed the spikes into the center of Finite Elemente Cerapucs, which supply a stable surface while floating the speaker off the floor. I also ended up placing Cerapucs under most of my other components.